Collagen Connections

collagen-connections.jpg - 13182 Bytes Collagen is a protein and is basic to body structure. It is the most prevalent protein in the body. Collagen is also important to our muscular strength, flexibility, resiliency, and the ability of our joints and connective tissues to absorb impact.

Collagen is important in maintaining our appearance – supple, youthful appearing, wrinkle-free, non-sagging skin – on our faces and all other areas. Collagen is important in maintaining our muscles and body organs in place, keeping our blood flowing through resilient and responsive arteries, capillaries and veins.

Collagen is a critical component of muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, hair, skin, nails, gums, organ membranes, blood vessel walls, the lungs, joints, the spine and its discs, the ears and the eyes.

Consider the importance of collagen to the structure of a typical body joint such as the knee. Directly covering the ends of the bones is a layer of cartilage. The collagen provides the net of structure to hold the large glucosamine molecules that hold water to make our cartilage soft and pliable.

Then our ligaments, which hold the joint together, need structure as well as our tendons, which connect the bones to the muscles, making it possible for us to move around. It is easy to realize that since collagen is a major constituent of all of these tissues that the maintenance of our collagen levels is very important–actually critical - to our health.

Chemically, collagen is a large molecule that may be present in long, twisted strands. In general, collagen does not pass through body tissues. So applying it to the skin or taking it by mouth in its complete form does not permit utilization by the body. While certain collagen containing cosmetics may have benefits in moisturizing from other ingredients present, the collagen component doesn't contribute direct benefit in supporting the collagen within the skin. On the other hand, collagen that is made available in form of high value proteins, is readily absorbed and utilized by the body when taken orally.

The successful approach to building and protecting collagen can be accomplished by providing nutritional building blocks, like those in SUPER SHAKE and related nutrients like vitamin C that support the body's own manufacture of collagen and elastin. Providing natural nutritional substances to help the body defend against the collagen and elastin destroying enzymes – collagenase and elastase – as well as against collagen-harming free radicals generally facilitates this approach. Life Plus products, including PROANTHENOLS 100, FOREVER YOUNG and VITA-C-PLUS do this by helping preserve existing body collagen.

Collagen and elastin are often classified by their "types." These types vary slightly in composition, but inevitably are composed of a core group of amino acids–most especially Glycine, Proline, Hydroxyproline and Alanine. And what better place to find the amino acid building blocks for collagen than in the proteins of SUPER SHAKE! Moreover, for those sulfur-containing collagen types – as found in the skin, blood vessel linings, the nerves, liver, spleen, muscle fibers, etc. – there is MSM PLUS™! Providing building blocks for joint and other fluids, which tend to be rich in moisture-holding glucosamines and chondroitins, and which tend to keep tissues fully hydrated, are JOINT FORMULA and FOREVER YOUNG® TABLETS!

In addition to the structural building blocks, the metabolic processes whereby collagen is created within the body require vitamin C. Vitamin C is supported by Masquelier's™ OPC in collagen and elastin development. So, consider the fabulous Life Plus products VITA-C-PLUS and PROANTHENOLS 100.

forever-young-tablets.jpg - 27480 Bytes THE COLLAGEN PROTECTORS
Certain environmental factors, especially free radicals, have a negative impact on collagen and elastin. These effects include excessive cross-linking associated with a loss of flexibility and resiliency in the skin, plus the development of wrinkling. Additionally, some of the body's own enzymes such as collagenase and elastase break down or destroy existing collagen and elastin. This action is stimulated by free radicals. Again VITA-C-PLUS, PROANTHENOLS 100 and FOREVER YOUNG TABLETS protect against these free radicals. The OPC's in PROANTHENOLS 100 are also able to help support the body's natural defenses against the destructive effects of collagenase and elastase.

If you are interested in maintaining your collagen levels, you will find LIFE PLUS unique in its collagen-support products, and its focus on the importance of this important structural body substance.birdsend.gif - 124 Bytes




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